Medicare Key Dates

Oct. 1st-14th -During this time period, private insurers announce all beneft and premium information for their Part C Medicare Advanage and Part D Prescriptio Drug Plans for the coming year. This is a time that you can make some changes that are best for you.

October 15-December 7th-This is the Annual Election Period. It is the time you can change or enroll in a new Part C Medicare Advantage or part D Prescription Drug Plan. If you make a change the new coverage starts January 1st.

January 1-Frebruary 14th-This is the Annual Disenrollment Period. At this time you can unenroll from Part C Medicare Advange and return to the Orginal Medicare. If you choose to do so, you are allowed to choose a separte medicare prescription drug plan at the same time. It becomes effect the first of the following month.

February 15th-October 14th-Most folks cannot change their Medicare coverage during this Lock in period. There are exceptions. If you just turned 65, have both Medicare and Medicaid, lost your employer health coverage, entered into a nursing home, or involuntary lost your prescrition drug coverage.