What Kills More Minnesota Women?What Are We Good At Doing?

According to the National Program for Cancer Registries (NPCR) and the United States Cancer Statistics (USCS) for females in MN in 2007 percentages include the following:

1. Lung and bronchus, 36.9

Clean air is important.   Why is it important to not smoke?  I think we all know about the toxins in cigs.  Why we shouldn’t  we be living in a  toxin free environment?

2. Female breast cancer is 20.9

3. Colon and rectum cancer is 1.5

4. Pancreatic cancer  is8.9

5. Ovarian cancer is 7.2

6. Lukemia is 6.1

Source: CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Not go go on a bird walk, but I think that it is worth noting that our state has the worst percentage of women who report binge drinking.

According to the MN Healhy People Profile:

What do we do a good job at?

We rank 27 in people getting cholesterol and pap smear tests.

We rank 35 in routine check ups.