10 Votes Needed Per Person Through Oct. 14th






Please go on this website and use your FACEBOOK account or Twitter account to vote for Circle of Hope, Inc., Duluth, MN. We are trying to win $25,000 to help clients in northern MN and northern Wisconsin with their breasta cancer treatment bills. http://www.Pinkwell.org. Circle of Hope is 1 of 150 organizations in the United States competiting for the $25,000.00 to make a difference in the lvies of others. Let’s Fight and Get The Money in Northern MN and Northern Wisconsin

We just need you to put in 10 votes by our name and hit submit. The last day to vote is midnight, Oct. 14th and the winner should be announced. Lester Smith from the Smith Foundation was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last night talking about his new book and this challenge. The Smith Foundation is giving away this year $1,000, 0o0.00 to philantrophic breast cancer groups and those who do research. They will pick one for this $25,000.00 challenge, later there will be 20 picked for the other match. We would like to see the mney be given for patients to pay for their treatment bills (that are in financial distress) in northern Mn and northern WI.  You can help by just clicking and voting for us. I know some of the contenders have a lot of readership, so we  really have to work hard at this.

The Lester Smith Foundation is determiend to end breast cancer in this country. Lester Smith, a cancer survivor, oil man, author, world champsionship ball room dancer, and philantropist is well known in this country. He painted one of his oil wells pink. He loves Gloria Gayors song, I Will Survive, like some members of Circle of Hope. (It can be found under the resources tab of Circle of Hope’s website.) http://www.circleofhopeduluth.org, Lester Smith’s wife is also a cancer survivor.


(Circle of Hope was a contender or The Stay Classy awards as a qualifer with 375 likes. They were invited to San Diego, even though they couldn’t go, didn’t make it to the next level. They actually had more likes than some of the other organizations. What we needed was a video and a spifted up website. We will take  on the challenge next year with more creative, innovatation.)