For The Cure Or An End

For those of us, that’s 2.5 million who have breast cancer in this country and the 10-20% who die from it, we almost can’t believe the word cure for the fundraisers colored in pink. We look at the scar project on our own bodies ,and the scares are forever carved in our own minds. There are those who can’t even have reconstruction, can’t afford it. They feel like damaged goods.

Everything has pink on it. I am not a mall shopper but was in two stores last night because I had some business to do. I could say so much here but I will bite my tongue for the believers or those newly diagnosed that want to believe. Who gets the money from these pink fundraisers? Is it really those who REALLY need it and are going to use it the way it is advertised. Many of us know better.

You would be better off going on our Circle of Hope website and giving $20.00 to be on the time clock to end breast cancer by the year 2012.

The National Breast Cancer Coalition has taken a  very bold stand to end breast cancer. They want to be out of a job. They want breast cancer to end and not increase in numbers. Click on our board or directors page at:  You will see the NBCC clock moving by hours, minutes, and seconds. Who will be next in your family to get breast cancer? What has been done to change the breast cancer path?  Is it really more mammograms or finding the CAUSE. Emphasize has been on TREATMENT and diagnosis in this country. CHANGE  is what we need.

Go to our Resources tab on the Circle of Hope website and near the top you will see The National Breast Cancer Coalition. Click on their tab. Give $20.00 to the fight and your picture can be on the clock. This organization is the mover and shaker organization in this country that will make it happen. They have trained advocates and are DETERMINED to not make it a big business, a big monopoly. They want breast cancer ended in this country.