Honoring Our Brave Service Men And Women Of The Armed Forces

Did you know that there is a FREE Concert at Black Bear on Thursday, November 10th in the Otter Creek Event? You just need to get the tickets.

 Black Bear Casino Resort is honoring veterans with a free musical salute featuring the music that entertained our troops during wartime.

The complimentary tickets are available at the Blear Bear Players Club. Seating is limited and tickets are limited to four per person.

The band B4 is one of the greatest swinging bands in the country with Christine Rosholt, Peter Provost, Mary Knutson, Micheal Nelson, Steve Strand, Clay Pufahl, and Randy Lee.

This musical performance will span the years from the American Revolution bugle songs to the big band swing sounds of World War II and Korean War.

It is  “A Musical Salute to our Veterans” show to pay homage to the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces who have laid their lives on the line to earn and protect our freedom.

Just think “free tickets.” Get your tickets from the Black Bear Players Club asap.