Small Scale Farmers And Their Big Impact

Three quarters of the world’s poorest people depend on a plot of land to grown their food and earn income.  This fact comes from the Bill & Merlinda Gates Foundation.

There is enough food to feed the world but then why is there world hunger?

The poorest people depend on their own tools and resources to grow their crops. Some just need a little boost.  This comes from the Food and Agriculture Orgnization.

What goes by the way side when people are hungry? Education, health care, and other sacrifices to eat.  Eating is necessary for survival.

The Horn of Africa is a recipe for diaster. Tens of thousands of people are going to refugee camps that were only built to hold 90,000 people.  At this point there are 400,000 per day coming into these camps.  You can help Lutheran World Relief to help these people.

Just think about the bad, unclean wells around the world. If you can’t drink clean water you can’t live. You get disease.  If you don’t have food, you will will die.

Fill the Well, Water the Field.

Stop hunger, stop drought, stop crop failure, & stop a loss of income.