Festival Of Trees, Today Sunday-10:00 A.m.-3:00 P.m.

Come to over 156 vendor booths at the DECC today. For example, Ryan Tischer, photographer is there from the Washginton Studios Artists Coop. He has beautiful pictures like many other local photographers who are vendors there today. There are just so many wonderful vendors and crafters. It is a great time to buy your holiday gifts. Unfortunately all the toffee is sold out.


If you want to help support Circle of Hope, stop by our booth.

 We have pink fleece jackets for only $10.00 there.

-We have the HOPE CD’s and have been selling many. These CD’s support 100% patients breast cancer treatment bills based on financial criteria and help clients locally, in northern MN and northern Wisconsin. They make great Christmas/holiday gifts. They are not just for cancer patients. They are for ANYONE who loves beautiful music and great songs by local/regional singers/musicans. http://www.circleofhopeduluth.org/

The Festival of Trees supports our local community through their profits. It is not to late to buy raffle tickets as a chance to get some wonderful baskets. For example, The Men’s Accessories Basket is GREAT. It is so full of items.

Cookie Temptations is there, and she has a Thanksgiving Bouquet you can order. You can buy cookies by the Box. She has a Black Friday deal. Check out her website at: www.cookietemptations.com

Jillbean is there. Check out her website at: www.JillBean.com

Lena’s Scandinavian Gifts is there from Askov, MN. Here is your time to buy that rutabaga jam.