Two Organizations Announce Fundraiser

Circle of Hope, located out of Duluth, MN has been given the exciting opportunity to team up with two time cancer survivor, self-made oil tycoon, author, and philantrophist, Lester Smith, to potentially raise thousands of dollars to benefit Circle of Hope.

Smith is the author of the inspirational and humorous book, You Gotta Dance Like No One’s Watching, and in Smith’s usual giving style, he is giving away the book proceeds to good causes.

(Circle of Hope located out of Duluth was one of the 150 nominated charities for a recent fundraising event.) For every book sold online at using Circle of Hope’s Promo Code (CHD2), this charity will receive $25.00.

Recently featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Lester Smith’s, You Gotta Dance Like No One’s Watching ($34.95) makes the perfect gift for anybody who’s looking for simple lessons in overcoming obstacles, beating the odds and realizing the joy of paying it forward.

If cancer has touched your life in some way, you’ll be touched by Smith’s ability to laugh at life’s twists and turns, and you’ll marvel at his candor about everything from two-decades long cancer battle to meeting his first U.S. president in a stadium restroom, of all places. A self-made success and born risk taker, the book contains 18 personal stories from a true Texas original, including sidesplitting accounts of his exciting life and plenty of his hard-earned lessons.

Everyone can also appreciate the fact that book purchases a cause so near and dear to Lester Smith’s heart-fighting cancer.

You Gotta Dance Like No One’s Watching is available for $35.95 plus shipping and handling. Circle of Hope, Duluth will receive $25.00 for every book sold on when you use the promo code CHD2.

Now that’s a holiday gift that really captures the spirit of giving and keeps on giving.

This book is a hardcover book and it is 312 pages, 4-color, published by