Woodland Hills, Champions Of Children

Woodland Hills is a champion of children, giving them “Hope.” “Research has found that for every dollar contributed to keeping children safe and out of trouble at after school and day school programs  it saves $17 when youth are deterred from prison. Also, every dollar contributed to adolescence residential treatment can save five times that by preventing incarceration as an adult.”-Woodland Hills (source)

Check out the Woodland Hills website at: www.woodlandhills.org

If you want to be a donor send your checks to: Woodland Hills, 4321 Allendale Avenue, Duluth, MN 55803. The phone number there is 1.218.728.7500. Before you write out the check listen to the video on the website about Sarah and Buma.

There are 100 adolescents that live on campus. Others attend school through a day proram. I personally think it is one of the very best programs in the city. We support it. My husband and I use to teach summer school there. Our daughter is an English teacher there at the school.

Woodland Hills, Champions for Children, it’s about changing lives, giving kids “Hope.” If you knew some of our community leaders that went through this program, you would be amazed. Give care, give hope, give a donation. Your donation funds after school and family programming, scholarships, and much more. Make a difference this year and next.