Cookies For A Holiday Cause

Check out this website for holiday cookies for a cause: Your kids will love this website and the cookies on it. It’s full of Santa Claus type stuff.

We are not making chocolate mice (marcino cherries with tails, slivered almonds, melted chocolate with parafin or) with this a.m., as I don’t have the ingredients. Jim is  gone; too busy with the McMuffin Club. We have our daughter and her weekend kid coming to make cookies for a cause. Sometime I will make those Pecan Carmel Delights that people are talking about and were advertised in the paper recently. (pretzels, Rolo candies and pecan halves) 

This picture must be 30 years ago when my husband helped Santa Claus at Jubilee. He helped him at Sweet Peas (Two Harbors),  a child care program at STC, and for a very ill child at the hospital (my former student). I laugh when I see the following pictures. I look like a dog in this picture. “Woff” I think he looks like a REAL  S.C.