Terry M. Anderson, Loooking For

We are looking for a a missing relative that use to live in Duluth maybe 40 years ago. She is 68, graduated from Duluth East. She may have three sons, has been married a few times.

It has been about 30 years since I talked to her.

Her father died years ago, a Bra niff pilot. Her step brother died some years ago, and her stop mother this year.

She may be related to the Hogstad Fish Company family that use to live in Duluth years ago. I think her uncle was Louie Hogstad. If anyone has an e-mail or mailing address  of someone related to this family name, please address it to: maande1@charter.net. She also had the last name Lome at one time. I believe she has lived in Duluth, Mpls.,  California, Texas, Oklahoma.