Over Spending? New Years Goals?

When Christmas is over with one has to wonders if they spent too much money. The credit card bills will start coming in and the interest rates haven’t gone down. Then the worries pile on and fill the heads with anxiety.

This may be a good time to put tax information together or at least get a start on it. Did you donate to our favorite charities? There is still time before the end of 2011.

Circle of Hope, a local non-profit (501-c-3) ,could always use donations. All donations go as designated. No one is paid a salary. They raise money to pay clients breast cancer treatment bills in northern MN and northern Wisconsin based on need not wants. You can do credit card donations on line or send a check in the mail. They send out receipts as they double receipt everything. http://www.circleofhopeduluth.org/

Every year we decide what we will doante to the next year.

—If we see that money is going to salaries, we don’t donate much to that organization. If we see that too many mailings have reached our house, they are off the list.

 —We usually select big long term projects and those helping those most needy people.

— When you think that one in four seniors are struggling with poverty in the United States, it makes you look at your neighbors and how they are spending their money.  With everything going up, it is a wonder how seniors are surviving.  (25% of Americans are over 65) Their social security checks don’t change.  Medicare expenses, don’t change, in fact the medical and prescription bills just go up and up. It costs more to heat your home. Some seniors are not eating well enough as it is. Some don’t know which bill they should postpone paying.

Christmas Next Year?

The grinch would say start an account for next year. Put in money every month. Stick to your budget and only spend what is in that account.

Exchange names next year or only buy what is important, not fluff and stuff.

— Some people actually only do stocking stuffers.

Actually my daughter and some other people are celebrating Christmas on News Year’s, and they are doing the dice game with their unwanted Christmas gifts from last year. It will be fun, as we played it at a Safe Haven staff party.

Did you know that there are promotional coupons and that some businesses will match the coupons from other stores? I think I saw this on a Wal-Mart ad.

Check out these websites or ideas:





I can remember years ago getting books from my kids on being a frugal shopper. I always have those ideas in my mind. I personally think homemade gifts mean more.

Now if you are going to have everyone over for Christmas next year, what a better time to buy the food with coupons, on sale. Going and buying expense food at full price is really costly. (i.e. 6 prawns for $25.00). This would be a good fall goal.

We hardly wrap with wrapping paper anymore. I would rather use a bag or make some unique wrapping paper. Brown paper stamped makes great wrapping paper.

Christmas: Can be stressful because you spend too much money. What does it teach your children? What are the lessons you want your children to learn about Christmas? What is the true meaning of the holiday?

What will be your New Years Goals?