It’s Not Too Late To Make A Difference

Check out to order the book, You Gotta Dance Like No One’s Watching. Don’t forget to put in promo code CHDC, so Circle of Hope located out of Duluth, MN will get $25.00 for each book sold. Circle of Hope pays breast cancer treatment bills for clients in northern MN and northern Wisconsin based on fiancial criteria.

You’ll love this book. Lester Smith who wrote it was featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This 312 page book is hardcover, makes a perfict gift to anyone who’s looking for simple lessons in overcoming obstacles, beating the odds and realizing the joy of paying it forward.

Who would love this book? History buffs, dancers, donors, cancer survivors, libraries, medical facilities, patron waiting rooms, individuals who like to read about historical people who have changed communities, nations and lives, those interested in breast, prostate, bladder cancer, those struggling with “Why Did This Happen to Me?”, those who want to laugh, cry, be inspired, those who want to find the true meaning in the whole rest of their lives. Those who want to impact the world before they read their name in the obituary.

It’s easy reading, larger print, has lots of colored pages, memorable quotes, meaningful stories, and they are all true stories (not fish stories).

Circle of Hope has given out 20 breast cancer prayer shawls as well since they started to patients with breast cancer.  These items are made by dedicated donors in the community that want to help others. You would be surprised at all the great comments we get back about the box of goodies we send out to patients, the prayer we attach to the shawls, a book, Dear Auntie, Why Me? and other items. It’s all about helping others. in their time of need. If you know someone who has breast cancer, contact Peggy at 1.218.525.1905.