Not Following The Doctor’s Orders

Patients don’t follow the doctors orders, and it costs over $170 billion per year (2010). This is because patients may need more medical care, additional drugs, and more health problems occur. that need to be treated. Not taking care of one’s self is a problem in this country. It is costing everyone (physicans, drug companies, families, insurance) a lot of money.

Individualized Medicine and Individualized Treatment is the tend of the future. Follow the doctor’s orders.

We are into a new year.  Are you taking the recommendations your physician has made seriously? I know I have to get after my spouse about it. There is a cause, and there is an affect to choices. We know this from school and from our daily living. If we don’t clean the house, our house gets dirty. If we don’t care for our body’s needs, we may get sick.

Obesity is over taking this country. Did you see that show on TV about people who out grew their bodies and couldn’t even get out of beds? This includes teens. We have control over what we buy and what we eat. 

Then there are those people who become hoarders of stuff. The hoarding takes over their homes and has a profound effect on their families.

Greed, hoarding, and not caring for one’s self and one’s family is becoming epidemic in this country. Maybe it is only about 200,000 hoarders but there are degrees of hoarding. Obesity is more epidemic.

Today is a new year. Purge yourself of the belongings you don’t need. Donate, donate, donate.

Clean the house, purge, purge and purge.

Clean the cupboards of excessive food. Donate to some organization that needs canned and packaged goods. There are lots of churches that have a bins, box or containers to collect them. Otherwise call a local organization. You can drive to the Salvation Army office on 27th Avenue West in Duluth and just drop it off your donation.

What have you done to help yourself? Have you followed the doctor’s orders? Have you take the vitamin D3 you were told to take? Are you taking the fish oil that was recommended to you? Are you eating more food with less calories? Are you walking and execising more?

As people get older their medical problems increase. Blood sugar levels go up. Cholesterol levels increase. What did you parents and grandparents die of? You could be headed down the same path. What have you done today to change the pattern, the trend or your future?