Anchor Church Growing In Lester Park

The Anchor Church located on 52nd Avenue East and Colorado is growing by leaps. They know have three services. Saturday at 6:00 p.m., Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and Sunday at 10:45 a.m.  This is the church that moved into the Vineyard Church location.

The Anchor Church is a community church that gathers to experience God, improve at following Christ and meet others needs. I am always amazed at their services. Each is unique and different. Actually today they had communion.

I love the music and songs. I think I am getting use to songs that are not always traditional. At Christmas they had more traditional songs.

Today’s service was a continuation of Beyond Religion, Religion vs Relationships. Some religions are so engrained in tradition and  it give its members an empty religion. Not this church. They encourage you to think, love, experience, feel and receive his Holy name.

It is up to us to choose our relationship with God. We all know great things are accomplished through love and a passionate feeling or path.

Sometimes we get so entrenched in our own self interests, our events, and what we have achieved. That is not what religion all be about. 

I think what sticks out in my mind is what Pastor Sorvik said, and it makes me contemplate. I will think about these messages all week. He used the words in a different context but I will knit my relationship with God together through love, experiences, and receiving his Holy name.

They have a lead pastor, pastor, elders, and others who represent different aspects of the congregation. 

This is the church that teaches kids to play guitar on certain evenings. The program is called RIFF.

They are just completing a Preparing for Marriage Class, and have many other engaging activities. 

Their core values are: ardent, net, connected, hearing, outfitted, and real & accountable. You will have to come to church to get the program to read more about their values.