Abortions, Planned Parenthood Clinics, Breast Cancer Risk

What’s the research on abortions and breast cancer risk?

The Catholic Medical Association states the following: “Whereas epidemiological evidence of an association between abortion and breast cancer has existed for almost a half century, Whereas 29 out of 38 worldwide epidemiological studies show an increased risk of breast cancer of approximately 30% among women who have had an abortion, Whereas all women undergoing abortion are entitled to full informed consent as to all the risks including long term risks, Therefore be it resolved that the Catholic Medical Association endorses the passage of state legislate to require abortionists to inform all women of their future increased vulnerability to breast cancer.”-10/15/03 approved by The Catholic Medical Association. (I am unsure of their new website.)

The National Physicians Center for Family Resources states that it offers a CD for parents and health educators which cites increased breast cancer risk as a long term complication of abortion. (This is from the National Physicans Center for Family Resources, and I am unsure what their current webs address is.)

“The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons believe that patients have the right to give or withhold fully informed consent before undergoing medical treatments. This includes notification of potential adverse effects. While there is a difference of medical opinion in 2003 over the abortion and breast cancer link, there is a considerable volume of evidence supporting this link, which is, moreover, highly plausible.”-Dr. Orient

Other sources of information include some of the following:






 http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE ID=26970



The question remains are the abortions being performed at planned parenthood clinics? Should these be separate businesses? What is the current risk based on research? Should mammograms being given and abortions that could cause breast cancer at the same facility? Are patients given all the research information that has been proven? (Peronally I never gave this a lot of thought until I read the news that has come out about Komen withdrawing funds for Planned Parenthood clinics. Who owns these clinics in our city and the region? I could never find out a lot of information about it even when I was a high school teacher.)

How can we reduce breast cancer risk in this country? Is it by reducing abortions of minority populations? 

Should one reduce service providers who don’t use digital mammograms, trained breast examiners, and the highest mammogram technology possible?

How can we end breast cancer by 2020?