Contemplation By Peggy Anderson

As parents we worry about our kids or adult kids. We want them to be happy, find this place in this world before we pass on to another life.  I think most parents struggle with these issues. Some of our kids find their place and passion sooner than others. Some use their education and training, others seek to get MORE education and training, and other kids (or young adults )use their creativity.  If finding that meaning was so easy, every student when they graduated from high school would know what they wanted to be when they grew up.

I use to tease and say, as a teacher, that I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I actually went to school all my life so I had many choices, many certifications and degrees. When we meet with our pharmacy students and walk through the UMD hallways I think about how important education was in our lives. I think about how young students look nowadays. Is it that I am getting older? I feel like a real kid inside.  Learning affects your lifetime, your experiences, and your knowledge. Don’t ever stop learning. It’s the life blood of personal growth.

My husband, a retired teacher actually teaches very part time at two different colleges but not very many hours. He still holds students and learning in high regard. In spite of being a teacher, he has had many odd jobs in his life to expand his educational experiences. He feels all training and learning is education.

Our daughter is a teacher with her master’s degree.

Our son is still trying to find his spot in this world. He has taken so many languages: French, German, Spanish, Sign Language, Hebrew and know is in his second quarter of Russian. Last night he was make vegan Russian bread for a class project. He probably has taken other languages but I am having a brain drain right now. 

Our son has traveled in Europe, gone on lots of family trips, gone to school in Scotland, spent more than a month in Greece with his sister, has taken every math and science class there is, and is know seeking another degree. He is talented in writing, has played many instruments (guitar, electric guitar, piano, organ, etc.) in his life to a degree, been in a small time band, written songs, and much more. I think how we are all a product of our experiences, our learning’s, our friends, and the people that surround us in this world. Some folks touch our lives more than others.

The other day the Key Club teacher announced how the Key Club East PR gal had died. I thought about the time she came to Key Club, sat at our table, I talked to her about advertising, as I do the Kiwanis advertising, gave her my card to contact me related to the Key Club advertising,  and I never heard from her. I never knew that she was so ill, as I was in my own bubble.  It just blew me away that this was the student that the high schools rallied for. Life is so short, we don’t know how it will hit someone you know or have come in contact with.

I was in Cloquet yesterday, stopped to pick up some donated items, then went into the gas station to read a poster about a fundraiser for a former Cloquet student who needs a liver and heart transplant. Oh, my gosh, I was thinking does it ever end.

Today I am going to Esko to drop off a silent auction item for another benefit. I guess I should of done that yesterday when I was up that way.

Every day is a gift. Appreciate the gifts you have been given because life could change for you and your loved ones at anytime and at any moment.

Savor each moment in time, each hour.