What’s Twin Ports Night, The Entertainment Section And More

A few people said they didn’t know about Twin Ports Nightlife. Here is the website:


This is a calendar on there that lists music, theater, and sports places. There is bars, dining, family and lodging on there as well.

There is so much happening in Duluth.

If you read the Entertainment section of the Duluth News Tribune that comes out once a week you will be amazed at what one can do in Duluth.  It’s family and party time all the time in our city.

There is the calendar of events on line that is free to register your event.

You can also be in the Duluth News Tribune for a minimal cost under the calender of events. Just write Eric Olson.

There are a few free spots available once in awhile in the paper for non-profit organizations that are speedy gonzales.