Life Saving Medications

Did you know that 1,500 people die of cancer in the United States? The war on cancer is not working folks. The causes of cancer need to be found.

Did you know that there are drug shortages all over this country?

 By the middle of 2011, there were 180 drugs needed to treat leukemia, sold tumors (breast, colon cancers for example), and other diseases. There are sited hospital cases where people died due to the hospitals lack of having the drugs

There was a survey by the American Hospital Association found that 99.5% of the hospitals  reported at least one drug shortage and  44% reported a shortage of 21 or more drugs.

There is a lot more details to this report. It can be found in the April 2012 Life Extension Magazine at your news stands.

We know that there are a lot of problems with the high cost of prescriptions. In fact, some patients are taking less effective prescriptions because of it. I know that can raise some dander among people. I know that when I went to all generic, my quality of health changed.

Did you know that a group of oncologists have started non-profit company to import drugs?

Did you know that as of last summer, 34 generic drugs and 14 others drugs were in short supply in this country? These were for treatments for lymphoma, leukemia, and testicular cancer.

When our doctors can’t find the drugs that they know will help the patient, they are forced to take newer, unproven drugs or even convince their patients to go on clinical trials. Clinical trails are not totally proven yet and can kill the patient. Many of these drugs are more expensive.

Did you know that $1 trillion dollars went to drug company coffers with the passage of the Medicare Prescription Drug Act? Pharmaceutical lobbyist made it happen.

Did you know that the United States has the world’s highest drug prices, and we suffer from drug shortages?

We need a free drug market.

Clinical trials are being postponed and there is prescription drug counterfeiting in this country.

Did you know that often luekemia can be treated and there are hundreds of children at risk? A drug called methotrexate used in the 1950’s is an example. It has a high success rate for young children with leukemia. There is a shortage. The company who makes it voluntarily stopped producing it.

Source of Information: Life Extension Magazine.

(I have been a member for uncountable years.)