Teens, Kids

Check out some of these websites:

This about watching videos, playing games, social networks, the Internet, and just hanging out on line.   www.DoingGood.com

Smoking I read that 1 in 5 kids smoke now days. That is really scary.

Check out this website: www.Realanswers.com, www.RealParentsRealAnswers.com

You can find out the 10 reasons kids smoke. You can also go to their Face book page” Real Parents Real Answers

Did you know there are Car magnets and backpack pins that state, Tobcco Free Me Pledge? I actually bribbed my kids, $500.00 if you don’t smoke by age, $500.00 if you don’t use drugs by age, $500.00 if you don’t have sex, etc.

I say get those kids and teens involved with projects to give them a real purpose.

For example, The Tortoise and Hare (Duluth) collects Soles4Souls. They distributed 17 million shoes worldwide to those who are needy. Many of us have seen the children and adults who can’t afford shoes in this world. Can you imagine walking around without shoes? I can’t.  www.soles4souls.org

Then there is collecting books for Africa.  It is called Books for Africa. Lots of children in Africa can’t even go to school. They nee fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, encyclopedias,  dictionary, law books, medical books, even office supplies including maps. Check out this website: www.booksforafrica.org. I can’t image what the postage costs but believe it or not book rate in our country is cheap.

There is also the Dress for Success Program. It’s a nonprofit that helps job seeking professional clothing for disadvantaged women. www.dressforsuccess.org. I wonder if this is the one Maurice’s is doing right now.

There is Child’s Play, a non-profit that gets toys, video games, board games, and electronic consoles to children who are stuck in the hospitals for long periods of times. Check out: www.childsplaycharity.org/

Circle of Hope in Duluth is collecting clothes  (new and gently used) and accessories (new and gently used) for a sale and also give you a tax exempt receipt. The date of their sale is March 31, 2012. http://www.circleofhopeduluth.org/