Help Needed: Furniture, School Supplies, Foster Kids

March 13

Do you need gently used beds, dresses, tables, chairs, couches and lamps? There is business called The National Furniture Bank Association that has 90 locations in the United States and Canada. They help 100,000 families struggling to furnish their homes.

Do you need new or gently used notebooks, binders, art supplies and backpacks? There are lots of educators who pay for these supplies or community organizations. Classrooms can go and register on this website to get supplies.

Do you know someone who lives in a foster home or shelter and needs a piece of luggage? Often foster kids move their clothes back and forth in a plastic garage bag. It is true. My daughter and her husband do foster care. There is a foundation that gives monetary donations toward buying toiletries, toys, books, and other items to fill the bags. The most needed items are backpacks, duffel and tote bags.



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