Charity Begins At Home, And It Should Be In The Community

Today we heard a great presentation by a Community Action leader. Did you know that 21,104 Duluthians (25%) meet the federal definition of poverty? Did you know that 18,571 or 22% are living just above the federal guidelines for poverty? Combined that means that 47% of the families in Duluth are struggling to survive. The majority are working poor and the underemployed. I think that is pretty impactful, don’t you.

It sounds like they do great work with many of their programs, helping folks with their income tax, etc.

I am wondering about all the money folks donate in the community. Is it really helping the poor? Or is it money being turned into assets? Go to look ups and non-profits.  Put in a zipcode.

Patients have to understand what their children are going through when they are poor. It’s not easy being a teeenager and being poor. I remember we had students living in cars and trying to find a place for them to sleep. I hope that sitatution has improved since we were teachers in ISD 709.

Some people want others to raise money for their salaries. I think we should raise money to provide help for clients in poverty, not money for the rich and well off. That’s my opinion and it doesn’t cost a penny. It is FREE.