Interesting About Poverty Numbers In Today’s Paper

I must be old school but I love having a paper copy of the paper in my hands with a cup of Joe in the morning.

On the front page was an article by John Lundy on Counties in MN, Wisconsin (Douglas, Carlton, Cook, Lake, St. Louis and National Benchmarks). Poverty a culprit of grim health numbers.

It states that poverty in St. Louis county is a major reason why our county lags.

Did you know that there are County Health Rankings complied by the University of Wisconsin by the Population Health Institute? I didn’t. They measure most of the counties in the nation. We are very low in many areas.

There is a chart on page A3 of the paper.

Children in poverty are 22% in our  St. Louis county.

Limited access to healthy foods is 17%, in St. Louis County. Tom Hanson and I recently had a discussion about this and what they are doing in other cities.

Adult smoking is 20% in our county, St. Louis. We know that way too many kids smoke in high school and it is really  hard to kick that addiction that may be effecting cancer rates up north.

I had read in another source that colon and lung cancer are higher than breast cancer but not as glamour to promote in fundraising. For  example, The Lake Superior Dragon Boat Races has raised $466,435.00 for Essentia for Breast Health. Did you know thatin the years of July 1-1010-June 30-2011, Essentia got donations for Breast Health of $127,112.40  from various other sources? This all comes from their mini foundation booklets. Would you raise money for lung cancer? colon cancer? Yet, I know two people with metastatic colon cancer right now that has spread.

Children in single family households is 34%.That is almost one third of our population. Why are families not staying together?

We as citizens we give lots of donations to poverty programs? Where does it go?


Go to non-profit look ups.