Heptatis C, 3.2 Million People

I read in the Duluth News Tribune (from The Los Angeles Times) that there is 3 in 4 of the estimated  3.2 million people who have chronic hepatitis will die of it. Is that scary or what?

It is the leading cause of infectious cirrhosis and liver cancer.

It is the reason for liver transpalants in this country.

It is thought to becaused from using drugs.

It is thought to be caused from blood transfusions before they screened blood.

Nurses dropping needles in the hospital emergency wards can get it as well.

It said nothing about the tatoos and bad needles but I have read that  is also a cause, unclean needles and needles re-used. That’s why having guidelines and regulations on administering tatoos is so important.

It stated that between the years 1997-2007 deaths from the virus doubled to more than 15,000.

Should everyone be tested or screened?