Fourth Of July

Don’t you just love the Fourth of July? The red, white, and blue, the picnics, and fireworks reminds us of our countries freedom. Freedom is not cheap. We have to thank those who served and gave their lives for our freedom.

Every year we have the great big Fourth of July event in Bayfront. Most years my husband traffic control for the police department. Not this year. The Sistas are having a fundraising event in Bayfront, and we have even planned out our treats.

Red, white and blue, we’ll be there. This Wednesday is the Fourth of July.

I use to go all out for the 4th with my family. I made the colorful food, decorated, and made it a special occasion. They they grew up and created their own memories. We have created ours as well. I remember going out on the Vista Queen for supper with our kids and then watching the fireworks. That was really special. I also liked the years we went to the Top of The Radisson and watched them. Our daughter lived in an apartment years ago, could see the aerial lift bridge lift up from her bed. That site was a great place to see the fireworks.

Happy Red, White, and Blue Day Early! Are you ready? Have you made that flag cake? Made those strawberry jello shots? (I have never tasted jello shots; they are on my bucket list.)

I remember the Duluth Grill selling those flag shirts for us last year. They went like hot cakes. They were almost as popular as the big red long johns sale for a cause.