Sidewalk Day Sales Is Wednesday, Thursday, And Friday

If you have never been to Sidewalk Days Sales, you don’t know what you are missing. There are businesses and crafters selling items on the sidewalk in Duluth. It is a fun event. Even Northshore Bank gives away free ice cream for a part of an afternoon. I remember last year the business people doing a power dance together of some sort. It think it is these activities that make Duluth unique and special. You would be surprised at what you find at Sidewalk Day Sales.

We have three crafters on our board that sell items at Sidewalk Days Sales.

One, Terri’s Treasuers sells her jewlery and rubber duckies. Her jewelery is very beautiful. She gives us  (Circle of Hope) a cut of her sales.

Janice sells the most beautiful fleece blanekts among other home made household items. I bought one of her blankets because it matched my couch. It was fallish and I am a fallish type of gal. This is the first time she has done Sidewalk Day Sales, she is farther down but near Northshore Bank.

I am a crafter and seller and I am selling with volunteers, clothing for $3.00 and $5.00. It is new and way below wholesale. Last year I sold dresses, tops, shirts etc. All the proceeds are donated to Circle of Hope.

Circle of Hope helps breast cancer patients, really helps them. They don’t raise money for salaries, etc.

It was so warm today, I went swimming. I feel so much better.