Refreshing Sailing Experience

What fun, sailing out of Knife River into Lake Superior.  It was two hours of relaxation,  and it was cool. This is a thirty four foot steel sailboat. We learned a lot about sailing. You know teachers they are full of questions. Then our son, a math major is always thinking about the physics involved. We sailed with a couple from the cities.

We even bought a copy of the book the owners wife wrote (Big Waves, Small Boat, Two Kids).

Check this biz out: Amicus  Sailing, very affordable.

If you are in Duluth for the very first time, you can look on this website, call them. It is only $40.00 a person for two hours of sailing.

They have many other sailing adventure packages you can purchase. I TOTALLY recommend this experience. This sailboat sleeps 8.

The Knife River Marina even has a sailboard for sale for a very, very reasonable price. We learned so much about sailing, met another couple as well.

We then went to Emily’s at the Lighthouse to purchase some tea and coffee. Did you know they have turkey dinners there on Sundays for $12.95? These are the former owners of the Lighthouse.

Go across the street to the Great Lakes Candy Kitchen: I couldn’t help but purchase some candy. Did you know they have carmel dipped marshmallows on a stick? I met a gal who came back today to just get one. Here’s their website: www.GreatLakes Candy.Com. This is three generations of candy makers and they have the most delicious homemade candies. Address: 223 Scenic Drive, Knife River, up the shore on the old highway.

Next adventure: kayaking in the Brule again.