Lake Superior Dragon Boat Races

I think the funniest picture on face book was this photo. I cannot give credit to the picture, as I don’t know who took it. The other day we were in Superior and saw they were fixing the driveway approaching the bridge and it should be ready for the yearly festival. There are more teams than ever this year.

Tower Avenue is all fixed up, so the races will be at Barker’s Island. Paddles Up will soon be upon us. We are less than a month away. Some folks want to win the race, some love the challenge, others raise money, others celebrate life, others love the time spent with their team mates. Some just want to beat their yearly rivals in competition or even fundraising.  For our teams it is about celebrating life, celebrating survivorship. We have many survivors of cancer on our teams. Others are just great, really great supporters, friends, and family members. We have many breast cancer survivors that participate in our annual picnic at our tent.

This year we will be in the same area as UWS Students, it should be fun. We have lots of fun people on our two teams and lots showing up for our picnic. We have a large tent put up each year. It’s too stressful to put up small tents, did that, done that.