Pak’s Green Corner, A World Cafe

The menu and prices for Pak’s Cafe that just opened the other day are very resonable. Appetizers and desserts in the $3-4.00 range. Beverages are in the $2.00 range. Soups and salads are in the $3.00-$6.00 range. The kids menu is $2.00-$4.00 range. Signature dishes are $9.00-$11.00, dinners are $7.00-$11.00 and Entrees are $7.00-$11.00.

What about lunch prices? they are $5.00-$7.00.

What about the snack menu? The prices are $2.00-$3.00 in range.

I think this will be a popular hot spots. Lots of menu and interesting things to try at very affordable prices ranges.

For lunch you could go in and have a BKK Phad Thai Burrito, a Medi Hummus Wrap, Egg Foo Young, Thai Fried Rice, Stir Fries, Red Curry, Beef Stew Noodle Soup.

I you would like a snack they include a seasonal fruit bowl, banana Roti which is an Indian pancakes with a banana and much more.  What is a Hot Dog Bun and Ice Cream? I will leave this one up to your imagination.

What is a great dessert? Try honey banana wrapped in a wonton wrap topped with honey and sesame seed. Try Coco Flan Cake baked in a water bath; I have heard it is really good. Try sweet rice & a mango  which is steamed rice with a coconut cream sauce with toasted sesame seed served with mango.

What are the soups and salads? They have Cous, Cous Salad, Spicy Thai Salad, 3 Buddies Tomato Soup, Hot & Sour Coconut Spop, and Hot & Soup Soup.

You can get Thai Food and Italian food here as well. For example they have Penne with World Meatball, Pasta Alla Carbonara for those who love Italian food.

Now if you love Pho like I do they have it steaming with rice noodles, broccol & bok chop.

Friend them on Facebook and see some of the delightful food pictures.

Address: 4131 Grand Avenue Duluth, 218-624-9999. Look for the green building with no windows in the front.

Healthy Choices, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Meat Entrees