Cancer Research

Most of us that have knowledge of cancer research money is going know the real truth. If you can’t find it on the Internet, can’t see it, can’t document, it is not really research.

Some businesses and non-profits  say they fund cancer research when they don’t. I remember when we raised money for Women Rock one year for breast cancer research. It turned out to be funding two people’s salaries about musicians getting breast cancer. Many people rolled their eyes over this one. Women Rock no longer funds research.

In my life time, I only know one musician who got breast cancer.

Accountability, Transparency is so important.

There is so much mis-information out there. If you can’t  see it, document, review it, it’s not real.

Stand Up for Cancer funds research. They Have this event once a year ad it is sponsored by all the major television stations. Look at the research that is funded from this campaign.


Where is all the breast cancer research done in our state? The Main U and Mayo Clinic. Some places apply for these money, don’t get it but they get do get to do some already funded research. This money comes from the Department of Defense.  The National Breast Cancer Coalition lobbies for this each year. They want to end breast cancer by the year of 2020. Enough is enough.  Susan Komen does a lot of breast cancer research as well. You can find the research on their sites. Yes,  you can see it. It is transparent.

I know I support the American Association of Cancer Research as a member. They do a lot of great research.

Are you tired of giving money to the big black hole? Make those organizations accountable. Ask for that they are funded. Ask for it in writing or on the Internet.