Medical Studies

A study at the University of Missouri showed that apigenin found in celery and parsley may be a non-toxic treatment for aggressive human breast cancer. This is the first study to show that apigenin can be extracted from celery, parsley and other natural sources. The information is available on pubmed. Know if I had aggressive breast caner I would not use this alone. Studies have to go through many stages.

There have been many studies about Curcumin helping immune function. We know that if we have inflammation in our body it sets us up for diseases  and health problems . Diet can contribute to inflammation in the body, folks. Curcumin is also a drug used with arthritic patients because it is over the counter. There are better forms of it. A highly complex form called BCM-95 fights joint damage by attaching inflammatory targets all at one. There was a study  on Curcumin and its effectiveness done in 2012. In fact, I have seen several studies.

Consuming high amounts of blueberries, strawberries are thought to decline cognitive function in women, so Iwould assume it would be the same in men. This is done in a study at Harvard Medical School published in April of this year of older women. 

Your thyroid is a regulator in your body. It regulates your body weight, metabolism, and energy. Doctors sometimes overlook this key regulator. You should be tested for thyroid symptoms  and at some point in your life.

Did you know that too much calcium can  cause deadly arterial calcification leading to death? I think that is why my doctor was less concerned about me taking calcium pills every day and stated I should take the chewable ones. This was the result of having one stuck in my throat in December.

Did you know that magnesium and vitamin k2 can prevent heart disease or calcification?

Did you know that they can test for CQ10 deficiency caused from statin use?

Did you know that vitamin D helps your skin from sun aging and much more?

Did you know that saffron can stop you from eating sugary snacks? It is a rather expensive spice. This is from a study.

Life Extension magazine is found on magazine racks.