Random Acts Of Kindness

I asked my son why he had a letter from a nearby neighbor. He said,” Read the letter.” There was a check in there for $287.26.” This check was made out to him and without devulging who it is from it states:



“I am ____. I was ______husband back when you were in grade school. You gave_______ a gift for her cancer treatment. I thank you very much for the gift from your piggy bank savings. All though I never did feel right about taking it. We used it to pay doctor bills. A this time I would like to give you this gift. Your gift plus interest over the years. Please accept it proudly and God bless you and your family.______”

(Our son, Chris is home for the summer from Portland. He is in college. I call him “a professional student.” Growing up he had several paper routes and went on to become an Eagle Scout, always caring about others, sometimes more than himself.)

Words cannot express how he felt when he opened the envelope and letter.

-This blog is written by Peggy Anderson, Christopher’s (Chris) mommy.