The Many Faces Of Breast Cancer, A Re-cap

The Many Faces of Breast Cancer have two teams, Team I and Team II. The teams had several sponsors that included Lakehead Constructors, London Road Car Wash, Dr. Bussa, Heartwood Construction Company, and Lakewalk Plastic Surgery among smaller sponsors. To all of our sponsors we are eternally grateful!

This was their gray year meaning they had gray shirts this year, purple shirts last year, pink the year before and green the first year.  Next year will be the fifth years for these teams. The group formed their own teams after not being treated well by another team that several were on prior.  Breast cancer patients should be treated well. There was a core group left that moved over to celebrate life and not death. Peggy Rydberg and Tammy Miller Graves were the team captains at the time and Peggy Anderson was the team secretary, who came from Survivor Sistership team.

The team captains for 2012 were Jim Anderson, Team I and Colleen Hasforth, Team II. The participants are survivors and supporters. Not all are breast cancer survivors. In fact some are prostate, colon cancer, skin  cancer, and much more.

Many survivors and supporters value their privacy. They feel their e-mails, phone numbers, and privacy needs to be protected due to HIPPA rules.

This is a fun and feel good event for survivors who love to participate each year. There is always a waiting list. Sometimes it is hard due to out of towners and practices. This coming year they will need to schedule one practice on a Friday the day of the parade to solve this problem. Being on teams helps survivors to feel a little more powerful, and they enjoy the friendships that last and endure. It is a true Celebration of Life as designated by the first two team captains, Peggy Rydberg and Tammy Graves Miller.

Peggy Rydberg lost her life to breast cancer in February of 2012 and is very much missed by her friends. She was instrumental in starting Circle of Hope with Peggy Anderson and Tammy Graves Miller. Tracy Plunkett (we called her shopper girl) a team drummer on one of the teams lost her life to breast cancer several years ago.  One cannot forget how much fun Tracy was and how we enjoyed celebrating dragon boat racing and support group with her. She was a member of the Circle of Support, a breast cancer support group as was Peggy Rydberg.

The Dragon Boat event and picnic  is a fun event that involves friends, family, survivors and supporters each year. There re several that just come to encourage others to paddle strong and to be a caring support to other participants.

Team I-Times were 3rd place-2:42-94 and 2nd place 2:32-75

Team I-Times were 4th place- 2:43-50 and  4th place-2:49-24-Team II raised $450.00 individually.

It is not about money raised or times for many of them. It is about the spirit of the event. It is a celebration of life.  Actually 501 c-3’s can’t raise money for a foundation. Members can donate on their own accord.

The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams are part of Circle of Hope, a 501 (c) 3 organization called Circle of Hope,

This picture of two of Peggy Rydberg’s daughters and her sister on Team II. Remembering their moms passion for dragon boat racing is also important. We cannot bring some back but we can celebrate events that they loved.

The Race Day!

In the Shoot!

The Many Faces of Breast Cancer Teams Sign

This is our Circle of Hope sign, new one. We are having a stand made for events. This is really and is for outdoor events.

Until next years rowing on Lake Superior……… will be a memory in our mind.

We don’t have team pictures this year, so we are going to buy them from the Lake Superior Dragon/Rotary when they are available.