Mayo Clinic, An Outstanding Research Center In Minnesota

I am always impressed with all the documented research at the Mayo Clinic. You can actually find out about it. They send the information in the mail to their donors, you can look it up, it is visible, accountable, and yes it is measurable. They also send out progress reports. Their transparency beats not other.

They have been working on a drug called 6-mercaptopurine or 6-MP to treat leukemia, the kind most common in children. These drugs can have an 85% cure rate but can have serious side effects.

Everyone’s body is different, we all react differently to drugs. That’s why the Mayo Clinic is in the fore front of  “individualized medicine” which is personalized based on a patient’s genetic makeup.

The Mayo Clinic is working on proton beam therapy, the best radiation therapy to reach hard to get at tumors. This will be important to children whose bodies are growing.

During a three month program they sent out information on a drug for colorectal cancer, a vaccine to combat skin cancer, a new test to detect colorectal cancer, and a study on identifying the rising trend of liver cancer.

If you support Mayo clinic Research mail a check to:

Department of Development

National Correspondence Office

Mayo Clinic

P.O. Box 450

Albert Lea, MN 56007-9849

Make a donation that will impact lives forever. I value their research, I hope you do as well.