Test Your Water For Arsenic And Lead

Many of us live in older homes, and we may have lead in our OLD pipes. We are buying fruit juices from the grocery store with arsenic in it. Go to this website to find out more information about Safe Drinking Water: cfpub.epa.gov/savewater/ccr

Young children should not be drinking lots of fruit juice, as it can be full of sugar, causes obesity and even tooth decay. Besides some of it has too much arsenic in it.

For many years or until the 1980’s pesticides were banned. Crops were sprayed with pesticides that leaked into the crops, the soil, and the ground water.  Consequently, arsenic ended up contaminating the water, fertilizer and the soil.

Even bottled water can have arsenic in it. Is that scary or what? All the bottled water we drink in this country could be borderline unsafe.

The federal government limits arsenic in bottled water to 10 parts per billion. There are no limits in food and in fruit juices. I remember last year some media about arsenic in apple juice, so I stopped drinking it for awhile. I switched to eating an apple a day. (Thinking an apple a day kept the doctor away. Thought I would get you to laugh this morning.)

Parents need to think twice about what they have their young children drink. Diluting juices could be helpful.

Don’t you feel some days like you are darned if you do and darned if you don’t. I know that sounds like a clique but it is true.