Breast Check Ups

I just read an article about breast health and the burning questions women have on the topic. I remember once a doctor telling me, women would be far better off if they would have their breasts cut off when they are young? Wow, that is a statement worth thining about. Are we about our breasts? A movies star who had both cut off didn’t feel any different. Do we put too much emphasize on breasts in this country? I remember this week a Mayo Clinic doctor telling me we are real close to finding a cure to some kinds of breast cancer.

What’s the good news? There is an overall death rate decline of 30% between 1990-2007 of breast cancer. It is thought that early detection has provided early treatment options  and saved lives.

There is a new book out called The Making of a New Cure and the Real Promise for Prevention” by Rodale Books. It may be worth purchasing.Education is knowledge.

Fewer white women are dying and  more African American women die of breast cancer. I do believe it is because of the hormone driven cancers on an average. I have always said deal with the hormone driven cancers first and then deal with the most difficult aggressive kinds of breast cancer.

Mammograms catch 80% of the cancers or so they say. 10-20% is not seen on a mammogram.

Know your breast density score. It runs from 1-4. Those women or young women with high breast density scores should have an ultrasound test  along with their mammogram.Check out this website:

Depending on their family history you may need other testing or genetic counseling.  In the above scenario (10-20%) only 40-50% of breast cancer is seen on a mammogram. This is according to the Montclair Breast Center.

Choose the best medical facility with the most up to date imaging. Too many women had analog mammograms, and they didn’t see the breast cancer through this screening method.  At minimum make sure it is digital mammography.

They can see through scar tissue on digital mammograms.

Those with a personal history of breast cancer should have a breast MRI along with a mammogram. Unfortunately many facilities are not doing this. I know mine showed up on an MRI.

Keep breast healthy, have a mammogram. See your doctor right away with any questions about your breasts. Men get breast cancer, young women, sometimes in rare cases young girls.