Fall Fest, Chester Bowl, Today From 9:30 A.-4:30 P.

Fall Fest if today at Chester Bowl.  It is from 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

It will be lots of fun for those “shopper gals” and those that want “some family fun.” Buy your fall decorations, corn stalks, veggies, vendor food,  fleece blankets, crafts, sweatshirts, home made jewelery, rubber duckies, and much more.  I have seen people bring wagons in to haul their items out.

There will be items from at at least 99 vendors if not more.

Think fall.

Think September.

Think October as it is two weeks away.

Here is a new season upon us.

Come support our local community and region.

Parking is at a minmum. Handicapped Parking is inside. Free  UMD parking is available and the buses are running all the time.

I can’t believe how the low the water is in Chester Bowl. The river banks have changed somewhat after the flood.