Are You Paying Too Much For Health Care

There are many people who go bankrupt from medical costs. One % is 62% in a recent article I read. Another from the American medical Association in 2009 states that 50% of the patients went bankrupt between the years of 2001-2009. Does that say something? I think it speaks volumes as to the high cost of medical procedures and care.

There are several websites worth reading to find out what the scoop is:

Advocacy for Patients With Chronic  Illnesses:

Fair Health:

American Academy of Profession Codes or AAPS, learn the codes

Google this website

-You should learn how to save money on your hospital or emergency room bill. Did you know that are marketing pen to mark your body part is $17.50? A warm blanket could cost you $113.00?  That may be two weeks at the grocery store. Ask for an itemized bill after you get your inital bill. Some say, bring your own supplies. Keep track of the time they spend with you.

-When you sign in at admission, ask for a language form to see about questionable charges later.

Google these websites:

Health Care Blue Book where they compare medical costs.

Your insurance website should be googled.

The American Medical Association has information on this topic.

The Archives of Internal Medicine is another source of information.

Learn about Medicare and Medicaid, good value feasibility, insurance codes.

U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services:

Bill Advocates or Medical Billing Advocates of America:

Patient Advocates Foundation: