Pak’s Green Corner, A World Cafe

The other day we decided to eat healthy. We went back to Pak’s Green Corner Cafe located at 4131 Grand Avenue. You can dine in or done out at 1.218.624-9999. My husband had one of the daily specials. They have specials every day. His was a hamburger/noodle/rare vegetable dish, and he loved it. I had Thia Tea,  Hot & Sour Coconut Soup and a Cous Cous Salad. I loved my meal. I would have it again. I didn’t feel bloated. Instead I feeling great. As we were leaving there was lot of men coming in to get their high quality very healthy food in a casual setting.

Their Cous Cous was a lot more tastier than one I have made at home. I so loved it and the Hot & Sour Coconut Soup. I strongly recommend this new restaurant in town. Help support our new local restaurants. They have a Facebook page and you will see all of the beautiful pictures. They have times for lunch. The after noon involves a snack hour and they have specific times for dinner.

There are food pictures on Facebook:

If I don’t have time to make salad in a Mason Jar, this is my next choice. I am trying harder to lose weight but I do go off the band wagon. I have to work harder at it. It is a mind set.