Breast Compression



All I can say is Oouch when it comes time to have a mammogram. (Mine hurt from so many surgeries.)

There are many many women who have no problem with mammograms.

The Mayo Clinic asked your to answer detailed questions even before your mammogram.

Why do they compress your breasts?  Compression increases the distance between dark and light.

If you move, the x-ray will become fuzzy. Compression creates a clear picture.

Supposedly compression allows small changes to be seen.

What can you do to make it better when you have a mammogram?


Hold your breathe if you are told to stop breathing.

If you have not gone through menopause, schedule it during your first half of your menstrual cycle, so it will be less painful.

Some folks take pain medication 1 hour before their mammogram.

 A mammogram could be your life saver.

Men can get breast cancer as well.