Medical Coding, Low Cost Prescriptions

Hospitals and clinics do medical coding that determines whether you pay the co-pay or  if they even cover the bills. Call and ask your insurance company why it is NOT covered. Write the information down. Then call the medical facility.

It may just be an issue of the wrong medical coding on your bill.

Mammograms: For example, if a mammogram is a follow up from breast cancer, the physican visit may not be covered. If it is just a routine mammogram and breast exam, it may be covered. This is crazy.  I had this experience today. Call about the medical coding as the insurance company cannot do it. You can though. Those patients who are way out there from having breast cancer should just be a having a routine mammogram.

What about getting low cost prescriptions? There are income guidelines. Help is availalbe through these organizations. and These are just a few. Even Walgrens has a discount prescription card that covers many low cost drugs.