Get R Done, The 3rd Annual Pink Run



If you want to ride your motorcycle, ATV or drive your car, join the fun on Oct. 5, at 4:00 -p.m. or you can choose to this on Saturday, Oct. 6th. This is a great fall run for a great cause.

You just start at the Moose River in Gordon, Wisconsin. You do get a map and card to be stamped. The places include North Shore Resort, Poodle Inn, St. Croix Lanes, Buck horn, Bootleggers, Halfway House, Y-go-by, McNamara’s, Clearwater Resort. I hope I didn’t forget any of the locations.

There are 11 bars/resorts to have your card stamped at in any order.

You need to end up at the Cabin Store to get your poker hand and raffle ticket.

I think it should be called a Poker Run.

They have unique shirts for sale. Proceeds from this event are being donated to Circle of Hope.