Vitta Pizza

Last night we went to Vitta Pizza before going to listen to the Road Kill Boys at Amazing Grace. I had never eaten there but our friends had eaten there at other times. We had a party of 8 people.

Each night they have a pizza on special. For example, last night, Tuesday it was their Tomasso Pizza, a $11.25 pizza for only $7.00. The pizzas are 9 inches in size and could really be shared with your partner in crime. Not having done that before my husband and I each ordered a pizza and were stuffed to the gills. These are healthy pizzas and were not greasy.

Mine was prosciutto, goat cheese, crushed red pepper, garlic and arugula. I loved mine!  

These pizzas are cooked by a special technique (wood fried oven) and we were served almost immediately. I was so impressed. I thought the pizzas were being flown in by God. Some friends of ours ate there the night before when they had the Margherita special on sale.

Their sandwich board is always outside with the nightly specials.

Their salads are really big and you could easily share it with your partner. The salads include: Caprese (fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and basil). I was thinking this would make another great Mason jar salad for work!

They have the Caesar salad made with lemon. Does it normally have lemon in it? There is a Rustica salad, Antipasto salad and Tito salad.These are very Italian, and I think you would love them.

The drinks or beverages include beer, wine, limonta, etc.

They have Make Your Own Pizzas Pizza’s  with LOTS of healthy choices.

There are the speciality pizzas that are on nightly specials that  include Benito, Enzo, Tomasso, Yo, Donatella, Silvio, and Margherita.

They even have kids size pizzas.

Address: 307 Canal Park Drive, Duluth. You can call and pick up your pizza to bring home. The # is 1.218.727.226. The website is:

Many in our party shared their pizzas. If you can eat a 9 inch pizza yourself, go for it.