Art In The Alley


Art in the Alley has a second store. They no longer teach classes. I was in their new store on east Superior Street yesterday, across from Black Waters. Wow, they have so many beautiful items in this store.

I dropped off a donation can for Circle of Hope. If you business can take a can let someone on the Circle of Hope board know. ( They are at various locations.

Did you know they have recycled clothes? You would never know it. They look like first class clothes. They have recycled wallets. I am going to go in to buy one soon because mine is broken. I believe in recycling 100%. They have so many beautiful pieces of art work, it is unreal. This is where you should do your shopping.  They have the most beautiful clothes, jewelry, wall pictures. The store is packed to the gills. I guarantee you will love it.

Soon they will be selling coffee or in the month of October for a fundraiser for the Amberwing or is it for the hospice facility near Marshall?

Did I say that Tammy makes all her own jewelry?