Frugal With Breast Cancer And More

I picked up a current copy of the Reader and I read an article by Ed Raymond from the Reader Weekly ( Half of the Americans Die with Less Than $10.00 in Assets… according to a recent Harvard study it states 46 percent of senior citizens will die with virtually no assets  They have relied on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid as their safety nets. Funeral average $10,000.00. Who won’t have money for their funeral.

Those that get cancer, risk a financial crisis unless they have lots of  money. Yes, these are middle class Americans. The middle class is becoming poor in this country.

We at Circle of Hope help clients pay for their breast cancer treatment bills and bill paying (more in 2013). We believe in being frugal with the money we raise and others raise, so that we can help the most clients in severe need. This is only one of our main missions. We do a lot more.

Try to put money into a savings account when your car breaks down. It is pretty hard when the gas prices are going up, food is not cheap, and just living with a little entertainment costs a few bucks.