National Cancer Institute/Breast Cancer



Breast Cancer can occur in men, even though it is rare.

There are more than 2.75 million women living with breast cancer.

1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lives.

5.72% will develop breast cancer between their 50th and 70th birthday.

The median age of a breast cancer diagnosis is 61 years of age.

The median age of dying from breast cancer is 68 years of age.

The overall 5 year survival rate for women with breast cancer is 90.3%.

Those with Stage IV have a 23.8% survival rate that they will remain alive 5 years after their diagnosis.

Breast cancer deaths has decreased since 1975.

Breast cancer can occur as early as in ones late 20’s but diagnoses peak about age 60.

Diagnosis of breast cancer is highest in ages 45-64 years of age.