Nutrients That Cut Off Blood Supply Of Tumors And The Spread Off

This month there is an article on supplements one can take to cut off the blood supply of growing tumors that includes nutrients that prevent the spreading of tumors.

I always read these kinds of articles. I had breast cancer in 2004 and other cancers at younger ages.

I took few of the supplements for years and still  take some of them. Omega 3 fatty acids (more consistently in recent years), vitamin D (I take D3), Q10 or CoQ10). I used to take Indole. I took Green Tea for years until I ran out. There are lots listed of importance in this months issues of Life Extension.  I take baby aspirin every day. I have taken CoQ10 since 2003 actually. I only take high quality supplements from this organization, I think it makes a difference.

Recently Dorothy Hamill, the Olympic God Medal winner had breast cancer. She has made some major changes in her life from diet, exercise to lifestyle changes.

Life Extension has a scientific advisory board full of doctors (14) who believe in what they do.   They have a Medical advisory board of  31 doctors.  

I believe in the recent they do as it does make a difference.

My opinion, my two cents:  Do you believe cancer can be an imbalance in your body? I do. We have so many toxins we ingest on a daily basis. Our liver doesn’t know how to detoxify them all.  Those people who get metastatic cancer have crazy liver enzymes and they get worse as the patients get worse. I believe personally that we have metabolic disorders that cause our health problems.