Your DNA Could Be Good Or Bad

I think sometimes we inherit good traits and sometimes we inherit undesirable traits. Sometimes we learn some bad behaviors from our up-bringing or even behaviors that we choose to dwell on.

Our DNA can can be good or it could kill us.  Check out these websites:

It is important to know your family medical history. What diseases did your relatives die from?

For example, I did not know that COPD can be caused by a genetic condition called alpha-1 antitrypsin or ATT, deficiency.  If you have had family members die of COPD it not be just the smoking but long term exposure to harmful pollutants.  COPD symptoms are: constant coughing, shortness of breast, excess sputum production, feeling like you can’t breathe, wheezing, and not even being able to take a deep breath. We see so many young people smoking know days. More than 12 million people are being diagnosed with COP and possible an additional 12 million may have it.