American Association Of Cancer Research


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I picked up a copy of the AACR Cancer Progress Report for 2012. It is on making research count for patients: a new day. I am a member as a patient advocate of AACR, the American Cancer Research.

Check out some of their websites:, This organization is  a dedicated organization whose mission is to prevent and cure cancer through research, education, communication  and collaboration. It is one f the oldest organizations dedicated to this cause. Its members are 34,000 who work in laboratories, translation, and clinic research. It is an organization worth donating to because they do make a difference.

What are some of their facts? Globally, in 2008, an estimated 12.7 million were diagnosed with  cancer and 7.6 million died of the disease.

I think cancer is way of life for many of us. We live with the disease, we know people who are getting the disease, and we know that diseases, cancers, and death is a process in the way of life.

Death rates for malignant cancers from the years 1990-2008 are somewhat staggering. For example for women it is 15.1% and for men it is 22.9%.

The incidents of cancer  in 2012 is 1,638,910 and deaths equal 577,190. You may be wondering if we are winning the war on cancer.

We are getting cancer survivors to live longer by earlier detection  The question warrants asking are we over diagnosing and over treating patients. There are men and women who have died in car accidents. Form some research, they didn’t know they had cancer and didn’t died of it. There are those who are being treated in this country for In Situ or DCIS, for example that will never turn into breast cancer. (There are different types.)

Here are the facts. In 1971 1 in 69 Americans were a cancer survivor, today because of research 1 in 23 Americans are a cancer survivor. We are winning the war on cancer.

Source: American Association of Cancer Research