Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

There are a couple of kinds of triple negative breast cancer. Some is thought to be genetic related to the BRCA 1/2 genes. In any event, young women, whether Caucasian or African American have a difficult time with it. Women who are older seem to have a more tolerable time.

First off, there are 182 oncogenes and tumor suppressors known to be present in human cancers. Triple negative breast cancer is driven by a diverse group of genetic alterations further down in some rabbit hole.  Not really, but it seems that way.

They found that an amplification of the anti-apoptosis gene MCL 1 occurs in 56% of the TNBC (Triple negative breast cancer).

They found that 33% had MYC amplification.

Then they found that the novel JAK2 gene, associated with cell proliferation, was found to be amplified in about 10% of patients and associated with poor survival.  They are looking at the JAK in inflammatory breast cancer.

HDAC or histone deacetylase, cystostatic agents may be used as targeted therapies in the future for Triple Negative Disease.

In the future they may be use PARP inhibitors, PARP inhibitors with HDAC and cisplatin for triple negative breast cancer.

Those patients who do not have a BRCA1 mutation should consider a clinical trial using a HDAC inhibitor in combination with a PARP inhibitor and cisplatin.